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  • 2010 - 04.01

    JMP partners with local universities to offer internships for students working on their MSW (Masters in Social Work), BASW (Bachelors of Arts in Social Work), MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy), and LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) degrees.

    Intern Opportunities: Includes providing individual and group counseling services, youth empowerment programs, crisis intervention, social action projects, and program development.

    Interns are asked to work as part of our team by taking on additional responsibilities such as welcoming students to the James Morehouse Project, and responding to drop-in requests for support. Interns are encouraged to reflect on and develop their sense of professional ethics visible in their work. We value respectful practices, creativity, dedication and humor.

    Clients Served: The James Morehouse Project serves El Cerrito High School (ECHS) students, in the 9th – 12th grades, ages 14-18. Most of our students come from the city of Richmond. ECHS has no ethnic or racial majority (Our student population is 25% African American, 25% Latino, 25% Asian American, and 25% Caucasian).

    Program Issues: Each year the issues addressed by the program change slightly. Some of the common issues and problems that we respond to are: grief/death; family violence and conflicts; depression; self-harm/suicide risk; alcohol/substance use concerns; community violence; harassment and discrimination based on race, gender or sexuality; conflicts among peers; conflicts in relationships; loneliness; body image/eating concerns; sexual health; academic/classroom difficulties, and others.

    Intern Training : We are committed to providing interns with as many learning opportunities as possible, including providing both weekly individual supervision and group training.  At the beginning of the school year we provide extensive orientation and training, including some all-day retreats. Our program is strongly influenced by the ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy, which “seeks to be a respectful, non-blaming approach to counseling and community work which centers people as the experts in their own lives. It views problems as separate from people and assumes people have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments and abilities that will assist them to reduce the influence of problems in their lives” (Alice Morgan, Narrative Therapist and writer). Our weekly group training focuses mainly on teaching and practicing Narrative Therapy methods, as well as discussing other topics such as crisis assessment and intervention, and ethics.

    Intern Benefits: Stipend available depending on budget. PPSC hours available – please inquire about details.

    Other Special Placement Procedures or Requirements: Interns must provide results of a negative TB test and complete a fingerprint clearance in order to get their ID badge to work with us. Because we follow a high school calendar, we have a few more vacation days/weeks than most universities; because of this we ask that interns make up any days missed due to mid-year vacations by working a few extra days/weeks in May or June (depending on whether or not vacation days correspond). Interns must work the entire school year.

    For more information on internships, contact Tanya Pearlman, Training Director, at (510) 231-1437, ext. 26457.