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  • 2010 - 04.15

    There are a wide-range of opportunities for people to volunteer at the JMP. If you’re interested in volunteering in one of the following ways, or in some other way, please call Danielle Storer, Clinical Director, (510) 231-1437, ext. 26460

    Office Help – Entering data, making phone calls, answering the phone, etc.

    Providing mentoring support or leading a group with students*

    • Internship Programs at  local universities
    • Post graduate or Licensed therapists

    Other ways that we haven’t yet thought of!

    Providing counseling/therapy*

    *In order to volunteer in any of these ways, you must:

    1. Get an ID Badge from the WCCUSD, which entails being fingerprinted and providing TB test clearance.

    2. Commit to a regular schedule for a minimum amount of time (discuss with JMP staff)

    3. Check-in regularly with a JMP staff member.