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  • 2017 - 02.10

    The JMP’s Counseling and Youth Development Program provides the following services: crisis intervention and drop-in support, individual counseling, resource referrals, peer conflict mediation, and youth development groups. Counseling and Youth Development services at the James Morehouse Project are provided by JMP staff and interns, and counselors/group leaders from community agencies.

    Guiding Values: Our program is strongly influenced by the ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy, a respectful, non-blaming approach to counseling and community work which centers people as the experts in their own lives. Narrative Therapy views problems as separate from people and assumes people have the skills, values and commitments that will allow them to more effectively take on challenges in their lives. For more information on Narrative Therapy, visit the Dulwich Centre website.


    JMP Confidentiality Policy

    All conversations at the James Morehouse Project are confidential, which means we will not share information with anyone outside of the James Morehouse Project, EXCEPT:

    A. If you want us to share information with anyone else—for example, a teacher, parent or friend —you must give us permission to do so.

    B. To protect the safety of you or others. We must- are in fact required by law—to break confidentiality and take steps to protect you or other people if you tell us:

    1. An adult is or has been abusive towards you or someone else in your home; this could be:
    • Physically abusive
    • Sexually abusive (i.e. touching you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable)
    • Emotionally abusive
    • Neglectful of you
    1. Domestic violence is happening in your home
    2. That you are going to or may hurt yourself
    3. That you are going to harm anyone else (then we must also take steps to protect that person)
    4. That someone else is harming you or threatening to harm you
    5. You have brought a weapon to school or you know of a weapon on school campus
    6. There is a medical emergency.

    It is very important to us that we take action in ways that are guided by the utmost respect and with your safety in mind. Whenever we have to talk with other people about your situation we do whatever we can to include you in the process and keep you informed of any updates.

    Individual Support

    The JMP offers a variety of options for individual support, ranging from casual drop-in support to pre-arranged appointments to immediate crisis counseling:

    Lunchtime Drop-In Hours: Students are invited to Drop-In at the James Morehouse Project during lunch to make an appointment or to speak with a counselor right away.

    Individual Weekly Counseling: Weekly sessions with JMP clinical intern or staff person or Y Team counseling intern.

    Individual Crisis Counseling: Immediate crisis assessment and intervention.

    Referrals: Referrals to outside agencies are provided by JMP counselors after check-in conversation.


    Peer to Peer Support

    Peer Conflict Mediation: Students receive year-long training and support to provide conflict mediation to peers (facilitated by JMP staff).

    Youth Development Groups/Community Conversations

    The Counseling and Youth Development Program leads and coordinates a number of groups throughout the year. Please call us for current list of groups, start dates and availability. The following is a brief description of some of the regularly occurring groups:

    • Stay tuned for updated list….

    Other Groups are created throughout the year depending on needs that arise.


    Short-Term and In Class Programs: The New Conservatory Theatre presents educational theater and other local agencies provide classroom education in 9th grade classes on a variety of health related issues.

    For more info on the JMP Counseling & Youth Development Program – contact Danielle Storer, Clinical Director, at (510) 231-1437, ext. 26460