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    Welcome to the James Morehouse Project website

    2010 - 03.26

    The James Morehouse Project (JMP) works to create positive change in the El Cerrito High School community through health services, counseling, academic support, and the arts. The James Morehouse Project has three main types of program areas:

    • Medical Services—first aid, basic medical and reproductive health care provided by Brookside Community Health Center
    • Counseling & Youth Development—drop-in support, individual counseling, peer conflict mediation, and supportive youth development groups provided by the James Morehouse Project staff and interns, and partners from a range of community agencies
    • After School Program, EC After Hours—academic coaching (tutoring) and a wide range of after school enrichment activities

    From its formation in 1999 until January 2010, the James Morehouse Project was known as the ECHS Community Project. We took James Morehouse’s name to honor his 35 years of service to the El Cerrito High School community. Mr. Morehouse loved, mentored and inspired two generations of staff and students (from 1968-2003) and in taking on his name, we commit to carrying on his legacy of love, respect and service for generations to come.